Privacy Policy & Confidentiality

We take the protection of your personal data very seriously. The collection, processing (storage, modification, transmission, blocking and erasure) and use of your data shall only take place within the framework of the regulations applicable under data protection law.

Section 1 Collection of Personal Data

The collection, processing (comprising the storage, modification, transmission, blocking and erasure) and use of your data shall exclusively take place in compliance with the regulations applicable under data protection law, in particular the German Telemedia Act [Telemediengesetz – TMG], the German Telecommunications Act [Telekommunikationsgesetz – TKG] and the German Federal Data Protection Act [Bundesdatenschutzgesetz – BDSG]. Such personal data shall include, but is not limited to, information on the identity of a given, such as name, address, telephone and fax number, data of birth or e-mail address.

Section 2 Purpose of the Collection, Processing and Use

(1) The personal data provided by you shall be collected, processed and used by us exclusively to the extent that this will be required to establish agreements, to formulate agreements and to modify agreements, to implement agreements and for accounting purposes.

To the extent that you have indicated your telephone number, we shall use such number only to contact you by phone in the event that any issues arise within the framework of the handling of payments (for ex. in any case of default of payment, return debiting or the like). If you provide us with an e-mail address, your e-mail address shall only be used for our correspondence with you. Any other use or passing on to third parties shall not take place, unless you have given your explicit consent to such procedures. The IP address shall only be used by us for the purposes of rendering the services and for accounting purposes.

To the extent that we engage any third parties within the framework of any contract data processing in accordance with Section 11 German Federal Data Protection Act [Bundesdatenschutzgesetz] to collect, process and use the data, this, too, shall exclusively take place with due regard to the statutory provisions on data protection.

(2) Within the framework of various events, we offer participants of our event the opportunity to participate in our events simultaneously by means of a video/telephone conference. We commission Zoom ( with the technical implementation of this service, based in the United States of America.

For privacy practices when customers use the application and cloud-based services, please see Zooms Service Privacy Policy zoom. us/service-privacy.

These guidelines explain the handling methods that collect and use the personal information you provide online and offline. They also describe the alternatives available to you with regard to the use of your personal data, your access to them and how you can update and correct them.

Section 3 Rights of the User

With regard to the personal data, you shall have the rights guaranteed by the statutory data protection provisions, i.e. the rights of access, correction and erasure; such rights shall be exercised by means of a message to be sent through the post or by electronic mail to the e-mail address specified under section 4. You may view the contents of the Privacy Policy at any time on our website:

Section 4 Point(s) of Contact

For any and all questions and requests in relation to data protection issues, as well as for the exercise of the rights described under section 2 and section 3, you may contact us using the following e-mail address:

Section 5 Confidentiality / Data confidentiality

The Participant is obliged to maintain absolute confidentiality.

The Participant is obliged to maintain absolute confidentiality regarding confidential information that he becomes aware of within the framework of his participation, also in other groups within Sharing the Presence GmbH or within courses that are facilitated by Thomas Hübl. “Confidential information” is defined as all information and documents from the sphere of Sharing the Presence GmbH that are marked as confidential or that can be seen as confidential based on the circumstances, especially trade and business secrets, as well as all information regarding other participants that the participant obtains within the framework of his participation in seminars / workshops, in triads and personal conversations. The aforementioned obligation to maintain absolute confidentiality remains in effect after the termination of the workshop / seminar.

According to § 5 BDSG (German Federal Data Protection Act) the participant is prohibited from collecting or processing personal data or passing them on or making them available to third parties or otherwise use them without authorization (data confidentiality), other than to fulfill the purposes of the agreement. The data confidentiality remains in effect also after the termination of the workshop / seminar.


Wardenburg, June 2017